Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saxon Miniatures' Viking Warlords Review.....Great Characters

I had been wanting to add some more characters to my Vikings and along came Saxon Miniatures with their line of figures.  The miniatures are some of the best character models that I have seen in a long time and reasonably priced models.  Everyone of them is unique in look, is dynamic, and is well posed.
Alot of times when you see miniatures introduced the scale is all wonky and does not work well with where they are directing the focus of the miniature line, in this case in that 28 mm scale for WAB, Hail Caesar, SAGA and other such games.  Scale on these however are well done.  Below is the Saxon Miniature on the left and one of my Gripping Beast plastic Vikings in a similar pose.
 As you can see they fit pretty well together.
Below you see the same miniature, this time alongside of a Foundry viking.
Below, from left to right:  Saxon Miniature, Foundry, Saxon, Gripping Beast Plastic
Below are some more of the Vikings, a musician, command model and another Warlord that appears to be in Rus like garb.
 Same miniatures below, 1/4 turn.
 Below 3 more of the Saxon Miniature's warlords alongside one of my Gripping Beast Plastics.
Below 1/4 turns.
Below two more of the viking warlords, from left to right:  Saxon Miniature, Foundry, Saxon, Gripping Beast Plastic.
Below the 1/4 turn of the Saxon Miniatures.
 Below are two more of the viking warlords, this time with one of my converted Wargames Factory models.  On these two I used Gripping Beast plastic weapons with the models.
They are very cool looking models, and fit very well with all of the vikings and saxons that I have in my collection.  I'm very happy that I rolled the dice and purchased these, and greatly look forward to painting up these models and adding them to my collection.  If you are into Vikings, I definitely recommend these.


  1. Nice and characterful miniatures. To bad about the sizes of those heads.

    Looking forward of what you can do with these...

    And on a side note, I should really really goo back to painting some historical again... Keep these miniatures comming and I hope to get some more time and inspiration somewhere after Jul as we call it (

    Cheers/ Jonas

    1. These Vikings I think are quite good. There is only one figure in the set that I think has a head that is too large imo. So I decapitated him and converted a plastic gripping beast head on him. The Arthurians are a bit different story, but then I'm not into Arthurians.

    2. I'll take those Arthurians off your hands!

    3. I'll be painting those up. I have them based and ready to go.

  2. We all like different things. I find these a bit scrawny, the heads seem oversized while the legs seem too thin, and they have that all too common historical mini problem - the hands do not grip the weapons. You could look into Drabant Miniatures, they offer the best metal vikings, to my eyes at least.

    1. I've seen them, just not into them.

    2. I have bought some of those Drabant Miniatures, they are sold by Old Glory UK.

      Those have to bee some of the nicest Norse miniatures I have seen. Highly recomended.