Sunday, December 20, 2015

Red Box Games Kick Starter ....Barbarians

Well, with everything I had going on this year health wise, I forgot that I pledged the Red Box Games Kick starter for the "Barbarian Horde".  Typically I'm a Red Box - Tre Manor fan, but I'm not really sure how I feel about the Kickstarter Campaign and the product. 

I pledged the Jotunn, Hordesman Hero, and the Chosen Theme set.  First thing I pulled out of the package was the Jotunn, a massive figure, very cool looking, awesome detail, great looking pose, nicely done on the way the model holds the weapon.  Excellent piece.

Then as I sorted through the rest of the package, no Hordesman Hero.  Okay.  In its place was a sword wielding Helsvakt Berserker.  Which I will keep, as by the looks of it, its nicer looking anyways.  Again awesome detail, good pose, sword is a bit chunky.  I'll take it instead, and not complain.

Then I came to the Chosen Theme set.  Yea....not his best work.  Don't get me wrong the detail is still there, there is still the good poses, everything is sharp, and musculature is what we have come to expect, it's just the conceptual aspect that is lacking.  Where the join of the weapon hand on the Jotunn was brilliant the join on the Chosen weapon hands will even make someone like myself cringe.  Definitely a pin vise nightmare.  On top of that, all of the weapon hands holding something other than a sword, the weapon's haft is broken, way too thin and flimsy, even the extra weapon hands that were bagged loose, which I'm assuming were supposed to be replacements for the broken ones on the figure tabs are all broken.  Remember my moto though, plastic is your friend, and in this case it will have to be. Definitely going to require surgery. 

At some point, I will have pictures and size comparisons, as I continue painting my Marauders of Mayhem army that I have no game to play just yet.  And I say just yet as I just received my copy of Lion Rampant in the mail, read through it, seems very cool, seems playable, so I'm looking forward to possibly Dragon Rampant.

Well onward.....I have about 150 miniatures looking to be primed today, in addition to another 100 or so that have already been primed prior to my surgery back in February.  Building of historicals is done for awhile. Onto paint and the building station will be cleared and will have drawings and Space Marines on it.   

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