Monday, December 28, 2015

Well its not all Vikings...Some Imperial Guard

...or what ever the hell GW calls them now.  I've had these models for years.  To change up some of the things that I'm painting I decided to get these based up to paint.  The top being a Valhallan HQ model.

Below is an mock up of Commissar Yarrick.  Cool looking mini, so I needed to come up with a pretty cool looking base.
For the base I wanted something that looked like rubble.  The plank looking things I plan to paint up as concrete rubble, just some left over resin sprue.
 Carved and filed on the sprue.  Then added some HO scale ballast, some broken pieces of Apoxie Sculpt and busted up slate.

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  1. Awesome, Imperial guard was my favorite 40K army back when I played. Love the Valhallan HQ model and that Yarrick is still one of the best models from GW.