Monday, December 7, 2015

Saxon Miniatures' Arthurian Review....

 From orcs to King Arthur.  These are miniatures from Saxon Miniatures.  They are some of the Arthurian Warlords.  Saxon sent me some samples after my Viking Warlord order. 
 They are very dynamic and cool looking miniatures.  Although the heads to me just seem to be slightly on the large side.  I was only sent some swords and thought spears would work a bit better with them.  The spears are left over hands cut off of some Gripping Beast plastics.  The hands fit the scale well.
That's also a good thing as I really don't care for the metal open hands.  I understand why that is done by Saxon, but to me it just did not real well with the exception being the one with the sword.

I am not much into Arthurians, Vikings and Saxons are more my thing.  I plan to paint these up, with shields of course and auction them off on eBay.

Below you can see a scale comparison for those that are interested.  From left to right:  My converted Warlord Games Barbarian with a Gripping Beast plastic viking head, an Arthurian, a Foundry viking, an Arthurian, a Gripping Beast plastic Dark Ages mini, and a Gripping Beast metal viking.


  1. As you mentioned the heads are really big. Thats a shame because the miniatures look nice.

  2. Those are some nice looking figures overall - their poses look realistic. Maybe the faces will "slim" down once painted.