Sunday, June 17, 2012

Madhouse Saga - Some Standards WIP

Well made a bit of progress on the standard bearers.  Also have a few more in the works.  And I added another character(figure on the far right), a Gorgon Miniatures Saxon that I got at Adepticon a couple years ago.  Figure reminds me of the Saxon from the Bruckheimer King Arthur from a few years ago.
 Below is a different view of the standards.  The two on the right use flags from the Fire Forge Teutonic Knights kit.  The one on the left is using a piece of banner from a Goblin standard, fused to the spear shaft with some plastic cement.  Have a bit more work to do on it.
And today was Sunday, and that meant go-kart racing.  I had a first and second in the heat races, which qualified me for the outside of the second row in the Feature.  In the Feature I worked my way from fourth, up to third and then second, then nearly spun it out, went back to third.  On the final lap I closed on the 1st and second place karts, threw it underneath the 2nd place kart could not make the move stick and cost me third in the last corner.  So a fourth place and sunburn, not the best, but that's how it goes.


  1. Great work on the standards! They're terrific.

    As far as the cart racing, you should have saved your magic mushroom for the final lap!

  2. Thanks. Magic mushroom...;) Yea I needed something, I think a cooler right rear tire would have been better.