Monday, June 11, 2012

Fireforge Assembly of the Knights

Well was working on some more of the Vikings in particular the standard bearers and needed to come up with some banners when I remembered that Fireforge had some extras in their kit. So as I did that I got the urge to assemble a bunch of their fine looking miniatures. Assembly of them is very simple and the flash is non-existent for the most part so very little in the way of removal of mold lines, and even the ones present were simply shaved off by one pass with an Xacto #11 blade.

Above is what I have assembled so far. The unit has great variety, none of that stagnant and boring look that many metal miniature manufacturer's have. A great plastic kit such as this has excellent versatility. My intention is not use these as Teutonics, and most of the helms are easily modified to remove the Teutonic ornamentation. I have not yet picked up the newly release Templar and Sergeant kits yet, but definitely look forward to them. One thing I have found in assembly is the need to give a bit a forethought on the ranking of the horses due to the tails of the first rank interfering with the horse heads in the second rank. The models are just a touch on the long side for the 25x50 cav bases, but that can be remedied easily by placement.

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