Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plugging Some Conversion Blogs

If you like my Games Workshop convesrsions then you will like or love these two blogs as they are converter / modeler jewels.

The first is MAXXEV's blog.  I've known Maxxev's work for quite a while as its stood out at Grey Death's Work In Progress forum for a good long time.  The conversion work is awesome and quirky and creates some very cool looking models by a little kit bashing and sculpting.  Very much worth checking out if you are looking for cool ideas. 
MAXXEV's Blog....I Convert Stuff

The second is Alpha Legion's blog.  If I was conversing with Maxxev, I would say because he likes Chaos the way I do.  Not much for words, and quite honestly it would be in I believe "Russian" and some English, but the guy can create cool stuff and paints very well.   Lots of great idead, Lots of great pictures....
Alpha Legion

So.....what are waiting for???? Go check them out.....


  1. Thanks very much for the mention :)!

    You need to get out of your chaos obsessed box though, there are a lot more options out there for conversions than just the tainted ones :P.

    Had a wuick browse on the Alpha legion page... now watching that one too :).

  2. No problem. need to check out my Wahammer Ancients stuff under the label knights and Crusades and the viking conversions, I don't believe I've shown those over at WIP.

    I'm enjoying the historicals very much right now.

    1. I have this thing against historicals, I don't know exactly what it is, but I think it revolves mostly around the lack of dwarves..... :P

    2. least you did not say Elves.... :)

    3. Pansies?, never been a great fan of pansies. I did play wood elves for a while (twice) but I was more interested in teh forest spirits, only having the spell singers as actual elves (though I was going to paint them green like plants).

      Having no elves is probably why I lost both games... lol

  3. Hello! Thank you for the presentation!
    Yes, I`m from Russia, and I just don`t like to read (and write also) from monitor. But pictures are international.

  4. No problem there buddy. Pictures are a 1000 words.