Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Avatars of War

As I build and paint my Warriors of Chaos army I keep coming up with models that I want to add to the army, funny part is most of these additions will be relegated to normal rank and file models.  I recently picked up these two models.  The one on the left will certainly fit the bill for my band of mutants, and I will use it as a Sorcerer.  The one on the right will go in my ever expanding Marauder unit with great weapons.

 The AoW models are very nice sculpts and the castings are pretty good, but as you see I did find minor gaps that needed filling.  So out with the greenstuff while I was doing the mail on that Viking in the previous post and also doing some GS work on the beastman for the Lost In the Warp crossover project.  Never fear James and I have some working plans to show those crossover models as we are developing them.
And then today I saw that Reaper released another Tre Manor barbarian sculpt that I will have to get to add to my band of barbarians and mutants and mutant barbarians.  The fun never ends......


  1. Great looking miniatures! I tend to forget about the Avatars of War range.

  2. yes they are. One thing that is nice if you are doing a lot of GW they probalby fit the best of most of the other manufacturers with those GW type models.