Friday, July 16, 2010

Khorne-aholic...I do like them

I do like Khorne and its unabashed barbarism.

This is another of those kit bashes that I do so much of.

I think it works fairly well for a really quick conversion. I have bunch of leftover Blood letter face plates, so I think this is pretty simple and good use for them.


  1. Wicked. Great use of parts!

    I had considered that big choppa part for my 40k minotaur, but decided it looked too small for him...but now I'm thinking his axe looks too small too...hmmm...(gets hobby knife)

  2. God I love Khorne <3

    Khorne: The only god that not only encourages you to punch someone in the face, but gives you brownie points for it.

  3. Great work! This guy could have come straight out of the old Slaves to Darkness source book!

  4. Thanks guys. I have a few of those weapons leftover as I've been using nobs in some fantasy conversions. Never throw anything away.