Saturday, July 17, 2010

The British are Coming...

Well my further expansion in war-gaming is in progress. I was painting up the last of my Roman Legionaires for my WAB 2.0 army and decided while doing that to paint a couple of 1800's British. Very much a work in progress, more or less to get a scheme down for the future army.

I have a few extra Victrix drummers so this will be one of the test models.

The next model is a Perry Miniatures rifleman, not really the proper paint scheme for the rifleman that I'm aware of, but its really just a test model.

Long ways to go with them both.

I haven't decided if I should use black or white primer yet. I'll be doing a couple more next time in white primer. The smaller scale does take a bit of practice to get use to doing and figuring out what works and does not work.

Normally when I army paint, I will use black primer, primarily because its a built in shadow and blackline. Sometimes that does not work. And I think these may be miniatures that I will want to use a lot more washes on than my normal painting of dark to light highlighting.

The plan for the army will be a mix of Victrix and Perry miniatures as they do in my opinion mix quite well, very similar in sculpts.

I'm currently painting about 35 marauders for my Mutant Maruader Warriors of Chaos army and the expansion for 8th edition. I'll probably shoot a few WIP pictures of the paint as I progress.

Next up a Batman siting in the 40k universe.

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