Sunday, July 11, 2010

Predator Space Marine Progress

Yea I went to the movie this past weekend, really enjoyed Predators. To me a fun movie to sit back and watch.

Been working a bit on the Predator Space Marine. There are a few things that I would do differently after watching the movie, save that for the next one I think.

Its a fun miniature to build though. The next one will definitely not use a spear and I'll do something a bit different with the right hand.

Next up a few WIP shots of some things that I'm working on a bit of paint and a Batman Space Marine sighting.


  1. I think he looks great, I'm really curious what type of changes you have in mind for the next version. Very cool concept and I love all the details, like the auspex on the power pack and the necklace of trophy teeth.

  2. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    As to the changes, muscled arms and trophies. The wolf torso is fine as you said with the teeth and what not. I'm not overly happy with the spacemarine arm, so I'll probably do something like what I've done in the past using the heavily muscled marauder arms. The one thing I noted in the new movie is that they did not use that cool throwing star thing. I'll probably do something with that next time around.

    I think the weapon mount off of the backpack worked out fairly well, but probably next time I will make it a bit more elaborate.

    In this movie more so than any of the others the color and pics of the Predators were so much more visual than in the past movies, so I'm thinking about all of that detail and character.