Monday, July 19, 2010

Expanding the Marauders for WHFB 8th Edition

I rarely take pictures of what is on my table, and right now its overloaded with around 35 marauders and a few other pieces. Well half of my drafting table....and one of my two tables.

A whole lot of pieces. The GW ones are all converted, with the exception of the OOP models. The non-GW ones however are pretty much stock, but fit what my army is shaping up to be. At this stage the skintones are at highlight #4 above the base coat. And I'll probably wash them a few times. And I just base coated some of the cloth in the beginning of my custom blend burnt orange.

Neat thing about doing chaos is the shear number of variations that you can do, mixing marauders, gors, ungors, flagellants, blood letters, chaos warriors, chaos knights, and kroot.

These guys up front are my new favorites, they are Tre Manor's sculpts from his company Red Box Games. They are a tad on the small side when compared to marauders and gors, but for me thats okay as they are as big as the converted flagellants and ungors that I'm using in the army. They are really fun miniatures to paint, the musculature practically paints its self. I have some of his Reaper Miniatures sculpts also mixed in with this group which look sort of like larger versions of his Red Box Games. As well as one from a bud out west Matt "aka Prophet Miniatures" Gubser one of his Reaper Miniatures.
Looking at and painting these barbarians from Tre and Matt open my eyes to doing some different things to GW's marauders as I still need to do a few more.

Oh you are probably wondering why are they sitting on the GW paint pots? Well that my friends is all those things are good for. Put a little poster putty on them and stick the mini down on top of it and you have a nice little miniature holder. The pots sure as hell are no good for storing paint in. The number of GW paints that I have, I can count on one hand, I mostly use Vallejo and Reaper Master Series for painting along with some Golden Fluid Acrylics (an artist acrylic).


  1. If they end up anything like those Tzeentchian marauders they should rock. I really like the mixed gaggle, gives it a good chaotic horde feel.

    I haven't gotten any of Tre's direct stuff yet, but his Reaper work is great, and definitely distinctive. I remember seeing the first one he did for them and wondering, "Who the heck did THAT?"

  2. Yes, they looks greats, i love the skin tone and the beastmen accesories.

  3. That is the plan, they will be a part of that huge Tzeentch influenced marauder horde. Chosen chaos warrior and knights will probably be coming up after these guys. Basically expanding the hand weapon shield unit and building a Khorne marked unit with great weapons.

    Tre's stuff is very good, his Reaper minis are bigger than most of the GW stuff, whereas his Red Box games minis are about the height of an ungor. I'll snap some comparison pics when I get a chance.