Sunday, February 20, 2011

Warriors of Chaos Additions

When I first started this army back a few years ago, I had intended to model and convert everything using GW's entire line of chaos figures. Being the Conan/Frazetta/Death Dealer and general Barbarian fan that I am, the theme was simply barbarians and mutant barbarians, so I could use all the cool beastmen stuff. Very simple, very fitting of Chaos.

As this army has progressed, I had a bunch of old GW metal marauders and beastmen that I had wanted to paint. Then as I added those to the army, a number of other cool miniatures kept coming back to mind from various manufacturers. Many of those miniatures were stuff that I wanted to paint, so why not do that. They fit the army, they're barbarians. So lets add the cool stuff from Red Box Games, Avatars of War, Reaper Miniatures, all of the GW Chaos Character figures that I like, etc.

So continuing that thought I've decided to add the ones pictured below to the army.

The figure on the left is Gorak, a Reaper Miniature, and sculpt by Tre Manor. Next is a Reaper barbarian that I had all chopped so I converted it with some GW bits. Next is a really cool miniature The Barbarian King, from Cool Mini Or Not. Lastly a Reaper barbarian converted. All of these will be used in my marauder hordes.

Then there comes the ones below.

The figure on the left is a Reaper, like most Reaper stuff, the scales often vary, this does not bother me, Barbarians come in all different sizes. Next is another Reaper Miniature, sculpted by Tre Manor. Then I got a deal on the next two which are Avatars of War minis, I'll probably use them as characters. And I also picked up the Avatars of War Marauder champion.

So will all look good when done, that's a good question. I do know that I will enjoy painting them.

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