Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Converted Goblin Wolf Riders...are here

The Vampire Count bashing goblin riders are here. I was asked to continue the commissioned theme into the Wolf Riders. These are some of the oldest of the models that are part of this army and are in need of a little updating.

To continue the theme, I decided to go back to the skeleton/tombstone idea once again. The commissioner will take care of most the basing, but I wanted to have plenty of eye candy to tie these in.

The goal was also to make each model an individual, just like the boys were.

The bowman are bit more static, and the spears got the dynamic look.

Speaking of the spears, that weapon is in serious need of updating. I decided to use the skaven blades, to give them a more mean look.

I changed a few of the wolves around also. Got the one jumping the tombstone. Covered up the joins, turned some heads.

Some frontal shots of the back rank.

Below you can see the 50 mm base to change up some of the bowman, and add eyecandy.

Note the skeleton rising up out of the base on the pic below.

So there you have it, the VC Bashin' Wolf Riders.
Next up for the VC orcs, will be a unit of Black Orcs...probably later this spring.


  1. This is a nicely composed regiment. I especially like the spear swaps. It is a little change but really gives them a much more mean demeanour!

  2. That looks great dude. The unit conveys the theme really well, great work on them.

  3. I just noticed the sand glued to the tombstones where the slabs have broken - freaking brilliant!

  4. Those look really sharp. Some amazing work you have there--too bady they're not night goblins!

  5. Many thanks for the compliments. I very much appreciate them. I did want to get a more sense of mean-ness and just with the spearhead swap, in my opinion helped. The tombstone sand was something that just made too much sense to me. Its those simple little things that people need to do in their conversions.

    I don't really like the current crop of Night Goblin models. I'm avoiding them as long as possible.

  6. Those hooded gremlins have always held a special place in my heart. While I prefered the classic "goofy" looking versions, the new angry style have grown on me as well.