Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Goblin Wolf Riders in the Works

Next project for the Vampire Count Battling Orcs is a unit goblin wolf riders.

This is one of the older kits for the Goblins. I still like the goblins but the wolves are a different story.

I decided once again to use skeletons and tombstones and such. This one gets a skeleton with a spear sticking him to the ground. The models were going to be armed with every option.

The bow is fine, but the spear needs some help, so the plan will be to fix those spears and make them a bit more goblin like. That will be shown next time.


  1. Looks really good man. You really want to either cut the wolf legs in pieces and build up more dynamics poses, or at least place each wolf at different angles to make the unit look more static.

    I very much like where you put the quiver, I hadn't thought of that but it makes very much sense. Can I ask where the short sword/dagger on the back of the goblin is from?

  2. Looking great. I like the little piece of cloth stuck to the wolf's head/neck. I used these wolves with metal alternate heads for my dire wolves. Painting the skin sections, especially on the legs, was a pain. The only thing I's say, and it's a preference rather than a criticism, is the sword across his back. I'd have put it behind him, across his ass, so it can be drawn while riding.

  3. Yea this was my warm-up piece with not a lot done to it. The next ones will get a bit more interesting, the unit is just about done. I decided to make all of the archers more static, and the spears will be more dynamic looking. Its a unit of 12 for whatever his reasoning.

    I hear you on the short sword, hadn't thought about that. That bit is from the older Skaven models.

    I would think these paint much like the old chaos warhounds skin. My army painting style works well with this kind of stuff, because its lots of layers built up like a contour map, with each layer being progressively smaller, painting from dark to light. I normally paint 6-7 highlights on the base coat on the high sides/top sides of the models. I do plan to do a tutorial on how I paint armies in the future, just need some time.

    More to follow soon.