Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Orc Fight...in progress

Next up to continue the in-fighting and skeleton theme, I decided to mix everything into one scene.

Next time I did this type of thing, I'll fix the feet on the one about to get body slammed. The white stuff on the slammee is just poster putty to hold the arm temporarily in place, some of the poses get a bit difficult to paint.

So often it is easier to not do final assembly, just partial assembly, then paint some components separately and assemble the entire piece after paint work is done.

For instance the head on the orc being slammed is also just tacked on with poster putty. Its a bit hard to get to if you don't do it that way. Nice poses are great, but if you can't paint them they are not so great. And you just make a mess of things.


  1. That's a fine composition. Very balanced and full of action. Dean

  2. Great stuff, I really like the look of it all. I like the guy being slammed down onto the sword, a nice touch.

  3. Looks very dynamic..i can´t wait to see this one painted up

  4. Thanks guys. Much appreciated. This and the unit is being built on commission. So Paul you'll have to wait for me to build mine and paint which will happen someday soon.