Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WAB Roman Aux. Archers...Painted

Did up these auxiliaries recently further expanding my WAB Roman army. Decided that I needed a bit of shooting to go with a scorpion or two in the full blown army.

Also working on getting my auxliary cavalry models done. Just need to do up the shields.
These guys are the Warlord Games metal models which match their plastic Legionaires scale.

The metal arrows are a bit of a pain on the ones that just nocked the arrow. Takes lots of flex to get them even close to reasonably straight. Thought about bow strings, but just was not feeling it. Too fiddly...for an abused gaming army.


  1. They look great. Love the muted colors of the tunic and bracae. I must keep Warlord Romans in mind if I decide to do an EIR army. They are really nice sculpts. Dean

  2. Thanks Dean. Its taken me a bit to get use to painting their scale, they are much smaller than the Fantasy and 40k stuff that I've painted in the past.

    The creamy whites are Reaper Master Series warm Bone Triad over a light brown base coat.

  3. The warlord stuff looks really good...the temptation to get some is sometimes unbearable :-)
    They look really good, as dean has said the muted colours really work