Thursday, December 16, 2010

Orc Craziness Ensues

More of the making of Unit #2. This is one of the unit fillers, mounted on a 50 square.

I did make the models removable so that the commissioner could paint them easier. You can see the back two are doing what orcs do, fight.

Had that neat skeleton bit in my box, thought it made for a neat conversion to continue the VCskeleton theme.

Nope we cannot get along.

Next up...back to the Romans.


  1. I am loving the conversions you are doing on these Orcs. I hope to do something similar in my units. Any hints or Tips?

  2. One of the biggest tips I can give is mix everything up. When I'm done with these I will have done 50 orcs and the goal all along was not to repeat a single pose and attempt to make every model just a little bit different and unique in it own way. Some of the poses I will use again in my army which will have even more models than these commissioned units. Even if you can't pull off all of the crazy poses or sculpt something completely unique, there are enough parts using Fantasy and 40k in the orcs line of figures combined to make your stuff unique.

    The other thing that you can do that is fairly straight forward and something I do alot of with Space Marines and my Beastmen, and also works with orcs, is to get out your jewelers saw and cut the arms at the wrist and then spin and pin those hand-held weapons to a different angle. I'm always looking for simple joint changes, because they are fast to do.

    And depending on your skill level, armor plates and mail. Under my tutorial label, I did a tutorial on sculpting armor plates, with a little practice, its pretty easy to pick up the basics. An army such as orcs, or beastmen, or ogres, or skaven don't have to be crisp and clean.

  3. Thanks for the Advice I have 189 Orcs and goblins to build and paint next year.

    I think I'll make little Squabble dioramas and then some jumping Orcs smasshing stuff. The black Orcs look good for this. Attaching them to their base with their victims (i.e. axe to the head.).