Sunday, March 12, 2017

Conquest Games Archers as Vikings

 My archers are just about ready.  I needed a bigger unit or units of Viking Archers.  I picked up a box of Conquest Games medieval archers.  Very nice kit with a lot of variety.
So I chose heads that I thought would work well as Vikings.  Pictures of them with my Gripping Beast Metal archers are coming, but here are a few of the finished models.

On a few of them, I added little bits from the Gripping Beast plastics.

The one below actually has arrows from a Perry Bros. kit.

 Love the scar on this guys face.  The sword scabbard is from the Gripping Beast plastics.
As always more to follow....


  1. Looks great.
    I really like that box, they sure have stepped up an step from their previous kits.

  2. Thanks guys. And Yes this was a huge step up by Conquest Games. Very versatile kit as well.