Monday, September 16, 2013

Warriors of Chaos Additions: The Russian Alternative: Marauding Command

I'm always looking for additions to my warhammer Warriors of Chaos project.  A rather never ending project.  When I see cool pieces that other manufacturer's have made, I have to get my hands on them and hope that they fit and somewhat work with the army.  Quite awhile back I saw these lovely miniatures painted by YellowOne on Coolminiornot.  I thought they would work very well my merry mayhem that I had going on.  So a brief review of the minis. 

Recently, I picked them off of Ebay.  The box set is called the Barbarians of the Wasteland Command Group.  Shipping from Russia had me skeptical, but they arrived somewhat quicker than expected and packaged well.  No problems there whatsoever.  The castings are very good, no significant flash, and appear to be a nice hard white metal casting.  Very solid detail, quite crisp.

The Command comes in two options, one being the metal and the other being in resin.  A total of three models.
Above a side view of the minis.  Lots of character in these.

The musician model is a single piece cast and very clean.  I simply love the pose and the ultra cool horn.

The axe wielder comes in five pieces.  The pieces fit together pretty well, no monster gaps with a little bit of filing.  I pinned all of the pieces together.

The bannerman is also a cool piece.  It comes in 3-pieces, with the banner separate from the pole.  That poses a small problem, with them being metal.  It is thick enough to actually pin the banner to the pole.  The other problem I see with the banner is the that the back side of the icon is a flat cast versus the front side that has a bunch of relief in the icon.  So, I took out the greenstuff, overlayed the backside, and put in the much needed relief.
Above is close up of the relief that I added.  It was very easy to mimic with a conical color shaper the front detail.

How do they compare to Games Workshop marauders and other chaos? Below are some comparison pictures:

From Left to Right:  Chosen, tRA, Chaos Marauder, tRA, Red Box Games, tRA
 From Left to Right:  GW Character, tRA, Gor, tRA, Bestigor, tRA
I definitely look forward to painting these.  Quality, detail, size, I will give them all a solid A to A+.  I'm also looking to go ahead and purchase some of the other minis from The Russian Alternative.


  1. Nice looking figs, PC. I saw some "Forge World" stuff from a Russian seller - wasn't sure if I wanted to take the chance on ordering, but may. Best, Dean

    1. As far as I can tell, this seller is representing the actual company called The Russian Alternative

  2. I really like these! Looking forward to seeing them painted up.