Monday, October 8, 2012

WIP On the Desk: More Chaos and Viking Painting

Painted for a couple hours yesterday and an hour tonight.  I finished up all of the blues and the burnt orange on the 14 Chaos Chosen, 1-mutant marauder, and on this batch of 21 various Vikings from two different units.  The burnt orange is basically a contrasting color that I use somewhat sparingly on the Chaos.  Its a good thing also, because its a completely custom blended color.  I haven't painted it in over a year and had to just kind of eyeball the blends with some of my older models.  Take notes at home and do that, save yourself the headaches.

The Chosen have so much detail, but I'm recharged after seeing some of Mike Gerold's chaos northmen and Kevin Bruin's mutated freaks at this past weekends local Fantasy tournament, in which I had the honor of being the paint / conversion / army appearance judge along with the Disgruntled Ogre, Jerrod.  Mike was using many of the same cool models, with his own take, from various other companies that I have, and they looked so cool together.  He also used the new Space Wolf wolves, boy are they nice.  I won't be using them for my warhounds, but will have another project for them.  So batteries are a bit recharged and that anxious feeling of getting something done is coursing through my veins. 
I'm always amazed at the differences in the various 28 mm scales, GW see GB.  The Chosen are so large, lots of surface area and take twice the time to paint as the Vikings.  One good thing is that the Vikings kind of break up the monotony of the assembly line of chaos.  Next I will probably do the metallic bronze and gold, then the bone colors.  The bones and horns on the Chosen are actually not painted in the same colors.  Bone will be a warm white, whereas the horns will be a cooler white.  There will be enough mixing of those colors that I will probably grab another batch of random vikings and do them at the same time in those colors.  The Chosen have no flesh colors, so I'll do the Vikings up separately.

I'll wait to weather and glaze the metallics for the last thing, probably after the basing is dry brushed.

Having fun, just need more time to paint.  I get these done, then I'll move on to a Roman replacement unit and another random group of Vikings.  WIP On the Desk, may become a regular feature....


  1. Nice to see you back painting :-P I am back at work on some Beastmen. Hopefully I can keep my enthusiasm up this time!

  2. Looking good, new banner is cool...