Sunday, September 18, 2011

Next Mutant Marauder....A Lion Conversion??

This is not one of my favorites, but I made this model to antigonize a certain individual in Wisconsin, who always seems to think I steal his ideas.  So I literally stole this idea to further aggravate him.
If by chance you are wondering who this individual may be, there is a link to a blog to the right called the Magnificant B's, and this particular individual is on that blog, and has his own very awesome looking Beastmen Army.  Beware if you go there, they may very well offend you.  At the very least, you will be able to see what I have to put up with on a semi-regular basis in the Fantasy Tournament scene in the Midwest.
But anyways, for those interested, this is obviously a beastmen gor, with a Lion's head from the High Elf Lion chariot kit, and feet from an old skaven.


  1. Fantastic work as always. Best, Dean

  2. Nice idea, I wonder why not that many people have thought of it before!