Saturday, September 24, 2011

Space Wolf Scout Conversions....Using Chaos Marauder Parts

First five of these conversions.  When you have lot of left over bitz as I do from the chaos marauders you'll find that they can make some interesting things.
I have yet to work with the plastic space marine scout kit, when I was playing 40k all we had were the metal scouts.  Anyways, I don't think scouts look rugged enough, or carry enough equipment.  So I wanted to kit these guys out a bit with lots of gear.
The above model uses chaos marauder legs and muscled arms.  The rope is from the plastic mordheim kit.
For these to I converted the one head and the head on the left is a chaos marauder head.  Both shoulder pads the one on the right are from the chaos marauder kit.   
Got to have a trusty shotgun.   Shield is from the beastmen ungors, and the bag from the kroot.
This one uses an Empire head from the mordheim sprue, one shoulder pad from the chaos marauders and the small one from the kroot.
This one sort of has the Wolverine sideburns going on.  The axe is all maruader.  And yep a crossbow strapped to his back for that quiet mission where the bolt pistol is way too loud.

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  1. Those look awesome. I loves me some Chaos Marauder parts.