Saturday, May 8, 2021

Harry the Hammer - My version

Chaos miniatures in a fantasy setting from Warhammer always have this cool look about them.  They are just barbaric in appearance.
This model has that look.
The cape and sword sheath are really the only major let downs in my opinion.  I have had this model for ages, and have no real use for him since GW got rid of their game.
That's alright, I really don't have time to play and many of the places make it hard for me to play with some of my physical impairments nowadays.

As always more come....keep painting.


  1. Fantastic figure again! The horned helmet and axe are classic.

    1. Its a cool figure. At first I did not like the helmet. What looks like an axe, is actually a thin hammer.

  2. Lovely work, I especially like the metals