Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Gaius Marius - Foundry Painted Model

 This is a model that I wanted to like, until I had one and started painting.  Don't get me wrong its an easy model to paint, it is just not a very appealing model.  

I like the pose, but the sculpt is too short and squat.  And quite honestly its showing its age as well.
The head is almost chimp like in appearance if I changed up the paint scheme.
But I do think the miniature turned out pretty good.  I have a huge amount of Romans in my collection, but I don't plan on keep this one.  There are better models out there.

Much more to follow.


  1. Excellent brushwork on the figure - he definitely has character! He looks like a pugilist. The helmet looks very good - the hanging cheek pieces are particularly nicely done.

    1. Thank you Dean. They Foundry sculpts are definitely showing their age.

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