Saturday, April 10, 2021

Painted Victrix Roman Auxiliaries - Centurion and Optio

Still working on what I showed in the last post on my desk.  I'll have an update on that very soon.  I've been busy doing some dry-walling in my house upstairs bathroom and normal work has been busy.  Little bit sidetracked with some other things.

On to this posting....So I recently put the finishing touches on a unit of Victrix Roman Auxiliaries. This is actually the first unit of auxiliaries that I've done in quite a while.  The Victrix models are very cool.  By far the best plastic Romans that I have ever worked on.  

Here is a few shots of the Centurion and Optio for the unit.  Love the poses.  Do pay attention to shield and arm placement when you are working on getting these models to rank up for your units.  The next posting I'll have of these will be the entire unit.

The shield transfer is from Little Big Men Studios, you really in my opinion cannot go wrong using those transfers.

 That's it for now.  I have some more stuff coming very soon.  Get out, get doing things.