Saturday, April 24, 2021

Roman Auxiliaries Finished Unit

You saw in a previous post the finished Centurion and Optio.  Well, here finally is the entire unit of the Victrix Romans.

I'm still not quite done with the movement tray, but I think the unit turned out awesome.  Victrix nailed it.
Transfers are from Little Big Men Studios, they nailed it.

The Models are real joy to paint.  I have a couple more Roman units from Victrix to do, and I'm truly looking forward to them, even though I've done probably over 200+ Romans already. 
History is fun.
Let me know what you think.  More stuff to follow.  I had a great time with these.  Get up, Get out, Get after it, don't let anyone hold you back.


  1. Those are fabulous! Love the shield colors and the centurion is awesome too - in his bronze cuirass.

    1. Thank you Dean. I definitely needed a break from painting red and white. When I saw those LBMS blue transfers, that pretty well answered the call. The bronze is something I am working on getting down as I have a pile of Greeks and Greek Skeletons that I am planning to do likely later this year.

  2. Lovely looking unit! Really inspiring. Have to finished my Victrix Roman's Miniatures!

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