Thursday, July 26, 2018

LOLA oh Lola....Yep another Painted Mini

A few years back I purchased a few Reaper Miniatures that I never got around to painting until now.  This the first of that batch, minus the huge terrain piece that comes with the mini.  This is Lola.

Base is resin base.  I did use some Water Scenic solution from Secret Weapon's that's cool stuff that I'm going to have to use again in the future.


  1. Nice vibrant colours - superb work! I’ve just discovered Reaper and spent yesterday cleaning up a load, on the whole they’re pretty impressive models. I look forward to seeing what else you have to paint.

    1. Thanks. Honestly this is my least favorite model out of the group that I just did. But I think the hair turned out good and I used that scheme in a number of Vikings that I have coming up. Certain sculptors that they have employed are really good in my opinion. Then they have some that aren't so great. Pretty much everything my Werner Klonke, Jason Wiebe, and Tre Manor are very good.