Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chaos Conversion: Newest Iron Warrior

 Getting ever closer to the end of my chaos space marines.  I've had thiese bits in my box forever it seems.  So I decided a Warsmith was in order. 
 The model is really just a whole lot of bits and relatively minor conversion work.

 I did add a partial skirt of mail to the model.  When sculpting mail, I use a ball stylus.

 I think the base turned out really well.  A standard 40mm round, but dressed up with slate chips, HO scale RR ballast, and some pieces of sprue resin.


  1. Iron Warriors 4 EVA,

    The Warsmith looks good. It seems the Iron Warrior bug is catching. I have been working on an Iron Warrior Autocannon Havoc squad to add to my escalation league army.


  2. Very cool, PC! Awesome conversion work as always. I am very interested to see this painted up. Best, Dean

  3. Sweet. Base just cries to be cast...