Friday, May 25, 2012

The Madhouse Saga Continues...

Well with the rainout, I had time to assemble Viking Unit #2. Still have tons more models built and ready for assembling.  Like the other unit this will have lots of single minis on 20mm bases in the front, and the longer 20mm deep bases in the second rank with the spears. 
There is a variety of bits being used on these.  In the front rank I've mixed Warlord Games minis with the Gripping Beast minis also.  Barbarian Warlord heads work with the GB plastics.  As you can see my two berserkers for this unit are Warlord barbarians.  The one guy on the right end is also from the barbarians.  The third guy from the right with the two handed axe actually uses the two handed axe arms from War Factory Games, which mate up quite well with the GB plastic torso.
About half of the second rank of spear have not been glued to the bases, to make it easier to paint them, especially with multiple figures being placed on the same base.  After painting I will adhere them to the base in the proper location.  I actually mark the base and the model so I know where to put them.   
I also have left many of the shields off of the models purposely, as I plan to paint a number of them separately then attach them later.  As I stated with the previous movement tray, I'll be adding eye candy to the front.  I still need to model that stuff and cast it up.

So there is the second unit.  The third unit is Viking Saga continues....


  1. Looking good; ranking the GB plastics can be quite the experience with the spears and shields pointing everywhere.

  2. It can be, but when you have ranked up units of Games Workshop Fantasy stuff, its not even close, especially Bloodletters, far more difficult.

    Not only that I like the dynamics of these, static poses bore me and so many historical manufacturers do just that.

  3. Hey PPC - I have collected together all the parts that I think I need to build the model for our project......

    It will still be a bit of time in the making but I am pleased with the plan ;) I'll photo my parts later this week and make sure I get decent pics all the way along.


    PS Hey Butcher (I know you'll read this!) if there is any way to twist your arm into making one piece as well I'd be thrilled! msg me or PPC if you want to talk it through