Sunday, April 15, 2012

Conquest Games Converted Crusaders ... Last unit for Adepticon

Got back home a bit late, spent the weekend with further preparations for racing Tuesday, but the last unit that I have done for Adepticon is a fairly big unit of Conquest Games Normans that I converted up.  I've shown quite a few of the miniatures thus far, below is the entire unit.
I'm pretty happy with these guys.  I think they turned out nicely.  I'm probably going to do another unit of them and hopefully some more infantry in the future.
Their horses have really grown on me. 
I blended the movement tray in with the others and with the bases of the minis.
So that is it for the Adepticon Crusader preparations.  I'll be playing in the Big Crusades Game on Friday with these guys, I'll also be playing with my Roman army on Saturday, and teamed with Mike Butcher on Sunday's WAB Team tourney, so if you are in the area swing by and say hi. 

So now the rest of the week, I'm somewhat freed up.  So with that in mind I'm going to finish up two minis an Avatars of War Dwarf and a 40k Ork.  Then I'll see if I can get a Viking all done for the Adepticon Paint Contest.  I don't really expect to win anything, but you cannot win if you do not enter.  Tuesday night is open track night, and I'm excited and nervous all at once, that competition bug is calling and there is a need for speed.


  1. Very, very impressive unit there, PC. I look forward to hearing your exploits at Adepticon. Interested particularly to hear how Pat Lowinger fares against you. Best, Dean

  2. Really impressive unit. The bases and the movement tray blend in seamlessly and really add to the overall effect. I look forward to seeing some infantry alongside these.

  3. I hope you're suitably proud, because these look great!
    Hope you get lots of pictures of the big games!

  4. They will look exceptional when they are full of Caliphate arrows.

  5. Thanks guys. Very much appreciate the compliments.

    @Dean: Pat will probably clean my clock, but I would guess that its probable that I will draw his name at some point as Adepticon plays the games in Period if possible.

    @red: thanks, I try to get the trays to accentuate the basing, I think it adds to the look.

    @Ferret: I am happy with them. I do plan to take a camera this year.

    @Butch: You better bring a lot of arrows. My list is like 80% mounted troops and I'll be shooting back bolts.