Sunday, April 29, 2012

Avatars of War - Dwarf Berserker Finished

Now I'm normally not a dwarf lover.  I generally dislike all elves and dwarves, but the Avatars of War dwarves I do like.  They are very nice looking miniatures, and heavily muscled. 
I started painting this miniature a couple of years ago.  I experimented greatly with the fleshtones, actually using a purple paint wash for everything in the shadows. 
The purple definitely added a nice cool tone in the shadows of the miniature.
In hindsight, I should have used a different color for the cloth, too close to the goblin.
I think the red hair worked out pretty good.  The bronze metallics got a good weathering, that is about 5 shades of different colors highlighted with a gold.
The eyes are painted, but they are so deeply set in the head.
I like how the goblin head came out.  Love the green.  There you have it.  Entered it in the Adepticon Paint contest, but I knew that if everyone showed up it would not even come close to placing.


  1. Excellent paintwork there, PC. Best, Dean

  2. Really nice job, the flesh tone does indeed look interesting.

  3. That's lovely. The beard is excellent :)

  4. Very nice Berserker. Like the shiny gold. The skin tone is well defining. Makes me subscribe. :)