Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goblin Spider Rider Conversions...The Devil is in the Details

Spider Riders....These are to go with theVC Clubbin' Orc boys. This is the first time I have ever worked with these models.

I was dreading these models, to begin with. The riders are a converter's nightmare, one piece, super-tiny highly detailed models. Not what I call fun to work with. The spiders are fine.

The real concern was continuing the theme: Bashin' Vampire Counts.

I decided to do that by simply including the VC element on the base and movement tray work.

There is my favorite element, a skeleton all wound up in spider webbing.

What to do with the riders, as you see above, I just decided to enhance the detail with some more feathers, and some fur. The arms essentially are just cylinders so repositioning the spear arms is easy enough, but not necessary.

The movement tray and bases will get some sand and later flocking.

The spiders are actually nice to work with and fairly easily to manipulate. When I do my human bashing orc army, may revisit the spider riders, but I will most certainly use the larger mult-piece goblins, and not these weenies.
Next up, the Roman Legions.


  1. WOW!! They look great. real spiders move at some speed in real life so I can´t imagine that an enemy facing these would have much chance.

  2. You really do great conversion work. Love the Green Stuff feathers. Really first class. Regards, Dean

  3. I will definitely be copying those feathers when it comes to doing my own riders, very nice.