Sunday, January 6, 2019

2nd Painted Saxon Unit!!! Finally...

 Yep...this is the second fully painted Saxon unit.  All Gripping Beasts plastics comprised of Saxons and converted Dark Ages for the Fryd.
 This one actually has a dracco banner, I still need to make the banner for the other unit.
 A mix of shield transfers from Little Big Men, Battle Flag and then my own Paint.

Again I'm attempting make the movement trays cool with battle carnage.
 The back is cool.

 Yea I like doing special poses on the corners.
More to come....


  1. These look great! What did you need to do to convert the dark age warriors?

    1. Not much of anything, except a few heads. The Saxons, Vikings, and Dark Ages plastic kits from Gripping Beast are essentially interchangeable.