Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday - June: Black Templar Dreadnought

Circa: May 2004.  All the years that I have been doing this, I believe I have only painted three dreadnoughts.  That is quite strange since I really like Dreadnoughts.  Not only that this is one of the very few miniatures that I have painted on commission.  I essentially never paint on commission, nowadays, I would not even consider painting on commission unless it was an amount that could not refuse.  I cannot justify the time that it takes and most people are not willing to pay me the amount that I would ask for anyways.

So this is basically, I think, the third Black Templar that I have ever painted.  Did I tell you that I dislike painting black and white?  Oh that's right I did, but I do like the iconography.
 I also did this in the so-called NMM paint style.  This was the old metal model, based on a plastic dread base.

I do think the stripes held break up all of that black.  The red lenses really jump out.
 Below is a close-up of the front.  I do love painting crusader like crosses.


  1. Amazing work as always, PC. I may have to delve a bit into 40K someday. Best, Dean

  2. I remember him! Loved your templar army.

  3. Those crosses are crisp and clean. I had to look twice that they were not decals.

  4. Thanks guys. I got pretty good at painting crosses for awhile.

    Butch I think you are thinking of different one, probably the blue one. I don't think I ever showed this black one to you in person.

    I have pile of half started Templar in a couple of containers, maybe one day I will revisit that in paint, but probably not the 40k game.