Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back to Chaos Knights...Tzeentch

Now that the craziness of Adepticon is behind me, its back to my Chaos Warriors and attempting to get about 2500 points total done by summer. I'm already around 1200 pts so its very doable, especially since I have large number of marauders that just need a little finish painting.

That said I need some things that hit harder and are good on the flanks. So that means some knights. I've already started a few Khorne Knights, but I also wanted to do some Tzeentch knights. Here is the first of a unit of 6.

I gave him a Max Mini head to give a different type of look to him, added some Tzeentch icons to the shoulder pads, and a cape that I sculpted out of Brownstuff.

The cape still needs a bit of work, but I do want to keep it somewhat bare to do a bit of paint work on it. My army is all blue and burnt orange and will be no matter what the models are marked. No GW Circus Candy for me.

The next model is the banner man. This one will be sharing a 50mm base with the musician.

I borrowed the Tzeentch icon from the chaos space marines. Not real flashy until you look at the back.

Not sure this will work yet. I may not like it after I start laying down paint. If I don't like how its turning out I'll take it off and just freehand paint the patterns in.

Next up some VC Bashin' Black Orcs, more Tzeentch Knights, and probably some Khorne Knights.


  1. nice work dude, those heads work well with the knight bodies.

    I really like the GS additions to the armour on the horse, think it works well with a tzeentchy theme. You could possibly try putting some on the armour of the knights themselves?

  2. Yep that is a fine idea. On the next couple, I'm going to shave of some details to add Tzeentch Icons.

    The real problem with these models is that they are too big for the bases they are on and ranking them tightly packed together I think I will lose some detail. The Capes will definitely set off the models. A couple of the Khorne knights are going to get the fur cape treatment similar to the Khorne Lord on the Juggernaut, a model which I do plan to use in this army.

    I also plan to paint on some icons, ie the banner man's open shoulder pads are perfect for doing that. And I still need to carry on the flame theme from the other models.