Saturday, May 9, 2009

Continuing the theme of Black Orcs headed by Grimgor. I have tons of those Ogre spiky fists what-chama-call-its laying in my bits boxes for years. For the larger orcs like the black orcs and new 40k Nobs the scales are just about right on the hands. So I thought I would use one here. This guy will be placed on the far left side of the unit, sort of defending the flank. To carry out the theme with the ogre weapon in the left hand, I decided to give him a number of spikes in brown stuff. The brownstuff is like the greenstuff except it cures harder and is not as flexible. Consequently you can shave it and sharpen up the edges a little easier than the greenstuff. Then I also sculpted the skull glyph and fur on the model also.

I also liked the idea of hanging some skulls off his shoulder for trophies. A slightly hidden Empire shield in the back continues some of the dead human carnage. More to come of the blorc unit....
And some more Favre thoughts.....Oh and did anyone think that Brett Favre would want to attend Vikings OTA’s or mini-camp. From what I had seen Childress wanted him to attend those things and they are occurring towards the end of the month. Come on, he doesn’t want to do that, he is a diva, and all Packer fans know this from the years of having to watch the narcissist acts that he has performed on an annual basis in Green Bay. Expect him to sign after those are done in the first part of June or at the end of the mini-camp, and make everyone in Viqueen land crazy, about time someone else shares in our grief over the ultimate manipulator. If he does sign with the Viqueens, the Packer management ought to immediately assign the number 4 to one of the punters trying out on the roster.

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