Sunday, July 17, 2016

WIP on the Desk: Casaulties

The archers, well most of them, have cleared the desk and are in the container for getting shot with clear.  So I'm clearing a few more off of the desk.  Most of these are casualties and markers. 
 I think these all turned out pretty cool.  The bigger pieces are from the Lord of the Rings Mumak base.  I was converting the Mumak as a war mamoth for my chaos army and had no need for the base.  The casualties are however pretty neat.  So I cut up the base with my dremel.
You can see, I started some of the blood effects.  The splatter on the mumak base pieces was done with a old tooth brush.  The rest is done prior to shooting with a matte varnish clear coat.  After I do that I will use a high gloss Tamiya ink over the blood.

 Here you see the next batch of figures on the desk.  Mostly skirmishers and few miscellaneous miniatures.
 I made pretty good head way on them today, getting pretty much all of the clothing done today.  Next up will be the fleshtones and wood.

 Just about done with the figure below.   Soon the Saxons will be moving to my desk.
As always more to come.


  1. Replies
    1. Once I hit them with the clear matte, Tamiya clear red, and the flock they should really neat. Forgot to mention that most of the single dead are Old Glory miniatures.