Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Warhammer Ancients: Painted Roman Cavalry Officer

This is one of those models that sits on the edge of your desk for a year or so, ends up on the floor at some point, and then you pick it up one day and say, I'm going to paint it.

I really don't know that I'll ever use it with my WAB Roman army. I may since I did paint up a unit of cavalry recently. Which will be making its debut here, fairly soon. My Roman army should now be large enough for Adepticon. So I'll be signing up to play singles, and I am already signed up as a team-mate with Mike Butcher. Our team, rightfully named the Grumpy Old Coots.

I have in the past rarely painted horses. So this was somewhat new to me and I did learn a few things, which I will definitely apply to the Crusaders.

The paint work is not quite up to my usual standard for the Tabletop, but is close.

The base is GF9 wooden base, very nice square laser cut.

I also used GW's washes for the first time on this model. They are fairly nice. Outside of Scorched Brown and Scab Red, they are the only GW paints in my arsenal.
Next up back to the Crusaders...or should that be forward to the Crusaders.....


  1. Looks good. That's a unique looking helmet; feathers around the back? Who makes this model? He could look equally at home in a Successor army, I think. Regards, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean. I thought it was a rather odd model, probably why its sat so long on my desk.

    This model is a Warlord Games model, so its around 25-26 mm scale, about the size of their Imperial Roman plastics.