Thursday, December 23, 2010

Unit #2 Complete WIP...the Whole Freakin' Unit

The whole theme of this second unit was beating on skeletons and also to be just as rowdy in appearance as the first unit was.

Here you see all of the big boys are up front. You think black orcs are big try ranking up 40k Nobs. I worked in some skeleton pieces into the custom made movement trays. The guy taking out the commission will take care of all of the basing and paint work.

I do like how the banner turned out and continued the theme of the army.

I decided to put a few tombstones on the tray also. I'll continue this in the next portion of the army that build for these VC thrashing orcs.

The Wack-A-Mole orc does look cool on the flank. I'm purposely turning the flank troops towards the sides. I've done a lot of units with the models all facing forward, but that thought all changed after I did my Khorne Demon army. I think doing this helps convey more drama and a more dynamic look.

A good side view. Again avoiding that uniformity. I love the chaos. Portray more of a wild nature.

The other side. Note the orc in the back rank has taken a spear to the chest. The little snot, clubbing the downed skeleton.

An upper view from the front with all of the chaos.

More of the mayhem.

Birds eye rear view pic.

I think I achieved what I set out to do. As I play more games of 8th I'm realizing that when I do my units they are going to need to be bigger.
I've already made some movement trays, but now have changed my mind on some unit sizes. So to counter this I've made some outside strips for the movement trays that I plan to cast and that will work with 2mm thick plasti-card or balsa. They'll be modular similar to GW's and Micro-Arts.

I do plan to use more snots in my army. They just add a sense of dark humor that I definitely want more of.
There you go that is VC Bashin' Orc Unit #2. Hope you enjoyed them. I do hope to get good painted pictures of these as some point from the guy who took out the commission.


  1. Looks quite awesome. It'll be so impressive once painted. Dean

  2. Splendid unit, very dynamic and unruly looking, pure orciness. I love the little touches such as the snotling on the move tray.

  3. I am detecting large quantities of awesomeness in this unit!

  4. Many thanks guys. This unit was a lot of fun like the previous one. More shall follow...