Friday, December 10, 2010

2nd Wave Warhammer Ancients Crusaders

My second group of crusaders. This time using the Perry Hospitallers. Mostly converting the horses, but I also decided to remove the bosses. I'm going for that transitional period.

I think the horses are turning out good and can't wait to start painting these guys.

Struggled a little with the backs of the horses, I went for a bit smoother flow since they are all running.

Also had some troubles with the lances until I took a hammer, old piece of railroad iron rail, and a dremel to some steel pins that Mr. Butcher had given to me. Beating on things takes out some frustration.

There you go. Second batch. Still not settled on how I'm going to paint this stuff. Need to figure that out soon.
Also working on figuring out how to do the banners, the Saxon Dog gave me some insight on how he's done some of his ultra cool banners. I've a few ideas now, working with GW Fantasy stuff the last few years, banners have always been conversions of plastic. This though is different.
Next up...back to Romans and poking fun at my lack of gaming skill.


  1. Wow - that's a lot of nice customizing you're doing. They'll look really nice once they're painted up, I'm sure. Dean

  2. Thanks Dean. I'm looking forward to the painting of them. I'm also converting up some of the Perry foot to look similar, lot of work, but its fun work.

  3. As always fantastic work. the finished models will look like the came in the box like that.

    Now paint some and show me right!