Monday, December 27, 2010

Truck Progress

Some head way on the other long term project.

The truck gets closer after doing and some re-doing of things. When you redo things, they do sometimes get better. In this case the firewall has become very clean looking compared to what it was.

It does have an engine, and it does run. Just don't have a gas tank just yet.

Roll up windows are real fiddly when working with 1950's hardware. Vent windows in the doors will be even more an issue since the top was chopped.

The old running boards were rusted out and beat up junk, so new ones needed to be bought or made. To buy them is a lot of money, to make them is a bit of work.
So, Brand new made running boards. A local metal fab shop did the 90 degree flanged bends. The radius 90 bend where the board bends upward to the cab of the truck though is by two men, with some clamps, a picnic table and a 3-inch diameter pipe, that's called "Redneck Bending". Of course the front edge of the board will need to be fitted to the front fender.
The Box is brand new steel, measurements from the old abused pile of junk from the 1950's. It was definitely used as a truck for some 25+ years. It has no floor just yet, but by spring that will be cured with a big sheet of aluminum diamond plate.

The rear tire is not wide enough, and the rear fenders are missing. Good thing there are still people making brand new rear fenders out of steel or fiberglass, your choice.


  1. Looking really good - that's a lot of work you've done. Nice. Dean

  2. Wargaming and an automotive enthusiast, I see you're as crazy as I am!

  3. Crazy I am. Thanks guys. I and quite a few helpers have been working on this for years now, keeping pretty much most of the work in the family and the local area. Its nice to see it coming along and I hope to have it on the road this coming summer.

    I call the color Nucleur Banana by the way.

  4. NOW that´s what I call a vehicle...none of this computerised engine or plastic bumper C**P. What size engine has it got...something big and good sounding (when it´s running) I bet.

  5. Its a Ford V8, 302 Winsor bored out 040 over with a mild streetable cam, Edelbrock intake, 600 Holley carb, GM Distributor, BBK block hugger headers. Its about a calculated 312 cubic inches, enough to move a 2900 pound truck. The mufflers I chose are bit louder than normal so it does sound good. If I ever replace engine, I will probably drop a Ford 351 CI in it, since it has the same mounts. Everything is better than the original Flathead V8 this use to have.

    No computer is right. Won't have a heater or air conditioner either, pansy stuff, lol.

    The front bumper is the original steel bumper. Unfortunately the rear bumper was junk, so I will be building a new rear bumper. The front fenders are not original, but fiberglass replicas.

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