Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Bit of Acknowledgement

I have posted for years on Forums all over the place, and if you frequent some of the same forums you probably have seen my work. I do like to see cool projects. I bounce around a lot and like everything from 40k sci-fi stuff to fantasy to historicals. If it has little miniatures I generally like it, well except for elves and lizards. Yet if its done well I can appreciate even elves and lizards. I like good converting, sculpting, and paint whether its the so-called non-metallic metals (NMM) or real metallics or zenithal light sourcing (Only Miniature Painters could come up with such ridiculous terminology to make what we seem to do important in the "Art World"), or whatever. If its good, I appreciate it. And if you know me, you know I have opinions, and I'm not afraid to state those opinions. I've rubbed more than few people wrong, with honest opinion. And I'm rather thick skinned.

Fast forward a bit....I've been doing this blogging thing for a while now. Its interesting to do, and makes a person think. Initially when I started this, I really had no idea what I was doing, it was new to me, and I'm not all that net savy either. I really did not know what to say about some of the work, nor did I really now how I should present things. Usually with the forums everything is more or less haphazardly done. I've shown a lot of my projects, had a small following, wasn't really sure anyone was reading, ranted quite a bit on sports which I like and will continue to do on occassion (even though I'm just a fan hack), and other such things.

As I've gone the number of followers have gone up slowly, and I thank you that follow for that. Please express your opinions, good and bad on my work. And I have started to figure out what all the tabs are on my control panel so I started to observe some things. One of the cool things is from the stats which show what posts are popular, where the audience comes from, and where the traffic comes from. So I have been watching that a while now also, since about late spring and early summer, and want to acknowledge some blogs that have directed quite a bit of traffic to my blog. They are of course:

Bell of Lost Souls
Son of Taurus
The WAB Corner
Land O Misfit Toys
Little Green Monsters
From the Warp

Thanks guys, I very much appreciate it.

And to the followers, thank you. If there are things that you wish for me to show or explain or want to see done differently let me know, and I'll see if I can incorporate it in future posts. Lately both here on the forums I've had a great number of people ask me if I actually paint anymore as I show the build of an orc army. Well let me explain, I do still paint (as those of you on the blog have seen my Romans recently), but I paint only my armies and display pieces. When I build stuff for others, I do not paint it. I can build pretty fast, and really enjoy the building aspect. I can't paint all that fast. I've not painted anything on commission in years.

Anyways thanks again. And Merry Christmas.


  1. Well, I`ll say that you´ve got a good imagination, that can be seen in the way you build and set up your work....not only that but you´re a bloody good painter and I like looking at your stuff.
    Merry X-mas