Monday, December 13, 2010

Roman Standard Bearers..

I recently started painting a number of command figures to expand my Roman army. I needed to change up my unit sizes and have more units, which means more command models. I number of the models have the standards that you can paint a few things on.

So to sort of poke fun at myself, I decided to paint the banners up with the infamous Varus' Legion numbers that were wiped out in the German forests. I'm not a very good player, so what better general for someone like myself to select.

Most all of my models in the army are Warlord Games models with a few exceptions. I alsy added the army standard bearer shown below.

Even found a legionaire that I failed to paint in the first go round.

The only shields I had left were the veteran scutums, but I do like them and their beat up look.

I'll soon have new movement trays painted up, so eventually I'll get around to photographing the entire army.
Still have the archers and cavalry Auxilliaries to go yet.


  1. Excellent looking command. These are very nice figures. The painting and basing is great. Love that guy with the silvered face mask. Dean

  2. Great! The vexilifier with the mask is also my favourite.

  3. Yep he is one of my favorites so I actually did two of them, I'll be putting them in opposite units.

    The basing is nothing too elaborate, but I think it looks decent. I usually do quite a bit more with the bases, but I just wanted to keep these somewhat simple.