Monday, December 20, 2010

More of the VC killing Orcs....

I kind of like the conical helmets, but afterwhile they are repeatitative. Decided to change these up with a bits of mail. Same with the cleaver weapon, love it but can an only use is so much.

Better view of the mail mask and cleaver changes. The draping on the shield is something I definitely want to do more on my orcs when I get to them.

Better front view.

A couple more rank and filers, not very special by themselves.

Ah....look what I found, bashin' time.

More of the Unit #2 scenery and story. This using the wounded orc from the Empire box set.

I like this orc that is standing over his buddy. That is a VC spear sticking in the gut of the downed orc.

Decided to mount a trophy helmet on his shoulder. Changed the cleaver weapon again.

That's pretty close to all of Unit #2, now just need to wrap it up and assemble them on the movement tray.


  1. I really like the pose and look of the last guy with the big choppa and trophy on his shoulder pad. Might hafta snatch that for my BB orc!

  2. Thanks man. He is one of my favorites also.

  3. Been watching your orcs for a while now. Ace stuff matey. I especially like the wounded orc with his buddy next to him. very dynamic posing.