Thursday, December 2, 2010

Still buildin' 'dem Orks....

Yep...still cranking out orcs and painting Romans. The romans are almost done, the orcs are like orcs, never ending.

This is another of the big bruisers for Orc Boyz unit #2. I like this Nob.

Not sure the mail coif turned out how I envisioned, but its different. One thing that slightly annoys me often are gaps, so here you see I redid the shoulder a little.

And here also.

The backbanner worked out well. I have a ton of these things leftover from the mutated empire model commission I did a while back. I think it looks orcy.

Zombie trophy head fits in nicely with the theme. I'm happy with the look on the shield, although chaos beastmen, I think it works out very well.

And some more of the frontal. Mounted up on a GF9 base, like the others. Using apoxie sculp to elevated the nob a bit to eliminate a conflict with the other rank and filers.
Next up. I would guess will be the afforementioned Romans, as I'm wrapping them up currently, and preparing to move forward on the next paint project, my crusaders.

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