Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving....and

Hope everyone stateside and those serving the armed forces abroad have a good Thanksgiving. Eat a bird or two.

Well...accept for those Viqueen you like it now that Bratt Favre is your head coach. Bye Bye Childress, you got what you deserve when you signed over the team to the #4 Diva. Even nicer seeing good ole Brett ranked 32nd in the league at the QB, go down in flames. Its all about the streak. Only thing that can make it even better now, is that he gets suspended for the whole sexual harassment of Jen Sterger thing. It was very enjoyable watching the Packers destroy them last weekend. That's two coaches that have been fired this season after the Packer have played them. First the Cowgirls and then the Viqueens.

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