Sunday, November 7, 2010

Painted Khorne Demon...what is to come

I've had this miniature for years, and have always love the dynamics of it. With 8th coming out I needed to bolster the ranks a bit, so this with the unit that is coming, will do just that.

I kept the theme the same as the plastics. I also love the axes. Khorne screams axes.

The demonic hand rises out of the depths

I love this angle also. This is the way GW should make all of their musicians.
I'll post the entire unit of the old school bloodletters in a day or so. They were a real treat to paint. And besides the demon-prince that I still plan to do, I'm done with the Khorne Demons.
The next thing I will be doing is focusing on the Romans, getting them ready, for Adepticon is coming. After they are done then its on to the crusades for a bit. There will be some 40k stuff thrown in, as well as, a few more orcs.


  1. Great work on this fellow. I love the bases on him, and the others - the little extra bits such as the hands or faces in the base is a real nice chaotic touch.

  2. I've got a whole box of these old bloodletters just sitting around waiting for a reason to be used. Seeing this makes me want to break them out!

  3. Thanks for the compliments. Very much appreciated.