Friday, October 29, 2010

Let there be bloody war...The next Khorne Herald

The next of my Khorne Heralds on foot. Like the previous I wanted to armor him up a bit more than my regular blood letters.

Also thought about changing up the weapons to make him stand out a bit more. This one I gave an axe. A sort of brutal looking axe. Something I have had for awhile. Its from Reaper Miniatures.

The basing is done up like the rest of my minis in this army, blood pools with heads and sometimes demonic hands reaching up from the depths of hell.

Another view of the head in the blood pool and the oposite side of the axe.

The other reason to paint your weapons like this is to play up the whole Hellstorm Blade demonic weapon bit.

So there you have it the second herald on foot.


  1. Wow! The axe fits nicely! And it's paintjob helps a lot!

    Nice model!

  2. I like the axe very much -- it fits in extremely well with the aesthetic of the miniature.

  3. Thanks for the compliments guys. Its very much appreciated.

  4. Looking good! Was the armor something you sculpted on?

  5. Absolutely. These guys come naked and all hunched over. I stood him up, gave him abs, and also gave him all of the armor that you see. In the labels section of the blog, click on tutorial and you'll see an example of how I do the armor.