Sunday, October 3, 2010

Orc Boyz...Unit #1 Misc Pics

Well to kind of wrap up the first unit of the commissioned orc boyz are some of the miscellaneous pieces and some additional pics. I did like the looks of that wounded orc in the Empire box, so I thought I would build one of my own for this unit.

Again just slight changes to the heads and weapons. Also had decided early on to use some different shields.

Different angles of a pair of models that are in the front rank. One of the nobs...kind of doubling as a big 'un or possible boss/champ.

As always much more to come. After yesterday's tournament, I'm not sure that I will play another until I have new army, one that is suitable to 8th edition.


  1. Hey it's Erin from the shop.

    Sad to hear about your Demon's getting flattened. I guys you need more ranks when deal with other infantry maybe?

    Orc are a good choice. I especially like that one that's laying down. He's dodging the axe slice from his foe! (or taking a break and laying on the beach)

  2. Yea, high cost infantry, with absolutely no magic, and all Khorne Demon army is going to have a hard go of it. Random charge distances is not fun either, I failed so many charges Saturday even while playing the averages. The dice were quite unkind. I am considering a demon prince sorcerer just to get in some magic to replace the thirster. Lil Matt's all khorne demons did not really fair any better. It's a 7th edition army....I don't have to win to have fun though.